The Bund

The Bund lies to the west of the Huangpu River. Shanghai used to be a small town on the shore of the Huangpu River. The Bund area in the past used to be the wasteland of old Shanghai covered with reeds. Today, the hotels, banks, and office buildings that line the Bund serve the financial and trade needs of one of the busiest ports in Asia. The Bund has been the symbol of Shanghai.

The Bund has earned fame as a showcase of fascinating architecture. On the 1.5-km long curvilinear line from Jinling East Road to Waibaidu Bridge stands 52 buildings, some are in British style, and some are in French style while some are in Greek style. At that time, overseas banks, organizations and consulates were located here. Known as 'the Wall Street of the East' then, it was a historical miniature of the Shanghai in the colonial period.

Among these buildings, the former Shanghai & Hong Kong Bank and the Customs Building were designed by a famous British designer. People in Shanghai called them 'Sister Buildings'. At present, they remain an important mark of Shanghai.

Standing on the Bund, Mr. Chen Yi's statue is in commemoration of Mr. Chen's great contribution to the development of new Shanghai. He was the first mayor of Shanghai after liberation. The Monument to People's Heroes serves as an everlasting monument to the history of the people's gallant struggle in Shanghai.

On the opposite is the famous Huangpu River. With 114 kilometers long and 400 meters wide, It originates from the Taihu Lake of Wuxi. It is the Mother River of Shanghai.