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China tours

1.Beijing attractions

China's political, cultural and international exchange center. One of the four ancient capitals of China, there are more than 3,000 years of city history and a history of 850 years of its capital, with the largest world heritage city.

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2.China City Packages

City packages to the most must-see destinations for you to discover the in-depth charm of this land and its people. Choose an intriguing itinerary from our elaborately-designed Beijing Tours, and more to the ancient city of Xian, modern Shanghai and picturesque Guilin.


3.Domestic travel

Made an annual domestic tours travel plans to recommend the most perfect



Chinese Culture

The over 5,000 years' history endows China with a profound culture, which penetrates in every aspect of the life of the local people. The diversity of ethnic groups with interesting folk customs and traditions infuses different vigor to the development of this nation. Some of the cultural heritage like the Chinese food, martial arts, traditional medicine and craftworks raise an aspiration and pursuit worldwide. Ready to capture the ethos of the country? Let us lead you through the encyclopedic scope of Asian civilization.

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