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Travel tips

Travel tips

Group Travel

Posted by: Published:2015-07-02 Views:8645

It’s suitable for older and female travelers, travelers with children, first timers to China, those with time constraint and budget travelers.

The easiest and most convenient way of traveling at a reasonable price is to join a small tour group, consisting between 6 to 18 people. The travel agency will arrange everything for you, including a detailed travel itinerary, lodging, meals, visits, entertainment and so on. In a group tour you share one tourist bus, licensed driver, and a knowledgeable tour guide with others.

Regardless of the starting time of the tour, a guide will meet all the members upon arrival. The guide will then accompany the group for the whole duration of the tour in China. Queries can always be directed to the guide throughout the conducted tour.

Tips for group tour:

ž Listen to the tour guide. But be careful though, as some guides will induce you to buy unnecessarily.

ž Always stay with the group. If you need to leave the group, please inform your guide in advance but you are advised against that.

ž Always have the hotel contact number and the contacts of the guide in case of lost or emergency.

ž Tipping is not compulsory in China; Different travel agencies have different requirements.

ž If you feel discomfort when traveling, inform the guide instantly.

ž Choose a reliable travel agency!